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Ft. Pierce, FL and Elm Grove, WI

Bio: Seven months of the year I live in Florida, savoring the sounds of the surf and the lushness of the tropical landscape. During the other months canopies of oaks, maples and stately evergreens surround me in southern Wisconsin. My life centers on my loving husband of more than fifty-seven years, and our son and daughter and their families. Lasting friendships and the satisfaction of achievement feed my soul. I’ve told the story of my youth in my memoir, A Bowl of Cherries and trace the years since our marriage in Moving Memories. Now Musings offers windows into my thoughts and creative writing as I cherish each day. My interests include creative writing, reading, photography and photo albums, writing roundtables, yoga and pilates, golf, grandchildren, and travel

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Lois,
    I hope you’ll be teaching the Memoir Writing class in Brookfield this summer. I am looking for to being a part of it!


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